Roman Sudan

I am a creative producer that specializes in animations, music, and game development for T.V./ Film/ and Corporate brand stories.   I love being a story artist and capturing the ideas to helping my clients bring their art to life through the beautiful immersive technologies like XR (augmented/virtual/mixed reality) that I create. My love for design started when I was a tween designing motor vehicles, merch and I remember even designing and building business cards and flyers to make extra money in college for local Chicago barber and beauty shops.   I pursued my passion for design by studying Interactive Art and Media at Robert Morris of Chicago.  I have advanced certificates and degrees from University of Wales in Organizational Leadership, Business Psychology, and Philosophy that has supplemented my business soft skills.



Agile Coach

UI/UX Design

Music and Sound Design Production

Film and Animation Production

Research and Development / Product Dev

Live Streaming / E-gaming / ESports 2.0

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